Top advantages of our laminated scantling production:

We purchase logs and cut them in our sawmill. This enables us to stay in control of the quality from the very start of the production process and to respond flexibly to requirements for atypical dimensions.

Before entry into the optimization line, we measure the moisture content of every board using an automatic measuring system and discard any non-compliant material. No moist or overdried material leaves our plant.

An optical system (scanner) is used for cutting out defects and for length optimisation – this completely eliminates the human factor. We achieve high and consistent quality at a maximum yield.

Production process:

We measure the purchased logs and optimise them for length on a Baljer Zembrod machine. Before the logs enter the sawmill, we run them through the debarker and the butt end reducer.


The initial cutting is done on two angular circular saws and a Primultini band saw.

The boards are edged on an MSK edger saw and the cants are ripped on a Storti double-shaft saw.

Three weeks after cutting, the sawn timber is dried in Mülbeck dry kilns.

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The dry material is moved to the System TM optimization line. The sawn timber is destacked automatically.

Each board is checked for moisture and is planed from four sides to expose any defects.

Any defects (knots, resin pockets, bluing, compression wood, dimensions) are assessed using a WoodEye scanner and are cut out on the optimisation saw.

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Upon entering the Spanevello finger-jointing line, the material is checked and the individual slats are finger-jointed to the length of 6 metres.

Such material is planed on all four sides on Weinig Powermat 2400 or Hydromat 3000 mills and inspected visually.

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We use a wall press to glue the planed material into multi-layer laminated scantlings.

Upon gluing, the material is placed in a temperature-controlled area to let the adhesive cure.

After final inspection, the glued timber boards are ready to ship.

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