Special scantlings

The scantlings are glued from radial or semi-radial lamellas. They are free from defects on all four sides.
HS doors, door boards, sandwich scantlings (Eurodeck) – edging sizes from 4 mm to 12 mm, scantlings for interior doors.

Basic data

Wood material: Spruce, Pine, Oak
Moisture: 8 - 14 % +-2 %
Glue: We use D4 or PUR glues
Dimensions: Scantlings can be made to the customer’s requirements – fixed and finger jointed.

The most common sizes of the individual types are as follows:
HS door: 65x205, 65x215, 65x225, 60x195, 60x205 mm
Interior door scantlings: 101x38, 90x36, 80x35, 41x36, 41x33 mm
Sandwich scantlings (Eurodeck): 44x115, 44x125, 44x145 mm